Welcome to Avinash Kaushik who joins the Google Analytics team.

Based at the Goopleplex in Mountain View, Avinash will “work with Google Marketing and assist them with internal analytics for their marketing programs. I’ll also be working with the Google Analytics team on assignments that span speaking, web analytics education and evolution of the GA tool.”


For those that don’t know Avinash, he is one of the industry’s leading evangelists and web analytics bloggers (spending up to 20 hours per week on his blog! ). As Director of Web Research & Analytics at Intuit, he literally built that team from scratch into a world class web analytics outfit. I had the pleasure of “interviewing” him for the job in a local Indian restaurant. It was a no-brainer…

If you want to catch up with him, Avinash will be with me at eMetrics London 29/30th March. I hope I don’t have to present after him – its a tough act to follow!