waspDiscovering Google Analytics customers is actually quite easy to detect which web analytics tool a web site is using – you simply view the source code and look for the tell-tale JavaScript page tags yourself.

*This post updated 30-Apr-2013*

To save you the laborious task of manually checking html source code, there are now various tools available that can detect the javascript page tags for you. One excellent one I use myself is WASP – a Firefox plugin (originally developed by Stephane Hamel) that shows you the web analytics vendor as you browse around the web. It can detect hundreds of different analytics vendors including GA, Urchin, Omniture, Nedstat, Webtrends, Unica, Clicktracks, Coremetrics etc., as well as advertising platforms such as AdSense, Dart/DoubleClick and voice of customer tools such as Uservoice, Kampyle etc.

Spending 30 minutes browsing around reveals interesting information on a number of household names that using Google Analytics and/or Urchin. These include:

Update 30-Apr-2011: Google Analytics enterprise users

Who uses Google Analytics?

What is interesting is the number of web sites that use multiple tools and there appears to be a pattern – US companies tend to be the ones with multiple vendor tags on their pages, while European organisations tend to only have one.

Any ideas on why this would be? Is it simply a sign of a more mature market that samples the benefits of multiple web analytics vendors? Please share your thoughts via comments.