Many thanks to those who have provided feedback on the book so far. A couple of typos have slipped by me, so I wanted to post them here immediately. Please add if you find more. I will create a separate corrections page if needed.

Note: this post is for the first edition of the book. The second edition (2010) errata post is part of the Pro Lounge.

  • page 180, Differentiating Regional Search Engines:

The placement of this code has had to change due to recent updates in the GATC. See the following post:

  • page 181/182:

The code pageTracker._addOrganic(“”, “prev”); should be placed just before the line pageTracker._initData(); – Not after, as mentioned on page 178 (grey box, positioning of GATC hacks).

pageTracker._addOrganic("", "prev"); pageTracker._initData();
  • page 191, point a (referring to Figure 9.8a):

The regular expression pattern should be: (?|&)(q|p)=([^&]*) as shown in Figure 9.8a. Note the change in position of *

Thanks to Bart Geerling, of Google Amsterdam for these two.