Germany is an interesting market from a web analytics perspective. The government there is pushing the privacy debate (and the boundaries) on how visitor data can be collected, what constitutes personally identifiable information (PII), and what control the actual visitor has over the whole process of collecting their visit history. I am a strong online privacy advocate, so I welcome the discussion.

So when the first copy of my book in German arrived at home this week, I began to think again of the “Google Analytics and Privacy” section of Chapter 3. It’s an area I plan to revisit and expand upon in the near future with Daniel Waisberg @ For example, some of the privacy concerns raised in Germany are flawed and misguided – and I always get nervous when governments try to control the web…

(BTW, what PII can be tracked with mobile analytics is a lot more scary!)

The book in other languages

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Note the different covers for German, Czech and Chinese. A source of great debate in my household…!

(French coming soon).

Seeing your book published in another language gives the same thrill as when you publish for the first time. For any author, its a tangible recognition of your work – a metric second only to the number of sales! It means a local publisher has recognised value in your work (purchased the rights to translate it), then goes to the considerable effort of reproducing all those charts and graphs, printing and then marketing it in their own language. Many thanks to Sabine and the team at MITP for doing this in Germany.

But is language important to you…?

Of course, in general, it is. As a European I recognise and value the diversity of language and culture. HOWEVER, I have no direct control of the translations of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics. So, for a semi-technical book with in-depth explanations, errors and misunderstandings can creep in – not from the Germans of course ;)

If English is not your first language, vote to let me know which you refer…

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