Predicting the future invariably means you will be wrong most of the time. However,  it is an interesting process to go through as even getting just one prediction right can have a significant impact – to me personally, my business or my client’s business. So I was honoured when Daniel Waisberg asked me to look into my crystal ball for what may happen in the world of web analytics in 2011.

Here’s the summary of my predictions:

  1. Privacy – A Threat To The Web Analytics Industry
  2. Optimisation Rather Than Reporting
  3. Predictive Analytics Will Remain Niche
  4. Accessing The Web Will Be Different – So Will Its Measurement
  5. WebTrends Will No Longer Exist
2011 web analytics predictions

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To see what I have predicted before, have a look at “Phase 4″ from me in the following article – Google Analytics Four Years On (Apr 2009).