So, after two years since the last book the 3rd edition is finally here – officially shipping on Amazon et al from 19th March 2012. Thanks to all who have provided feedback on the last two editions. Its been both flattering and humbling when people write with praise. It makes my day/week in a way no other job or role has ever done – which ultimately is my driver for writing (see also my follow up post).

Launch Party

3rd edition of Advanced Web Metrics with Google AnalyticsCome and celebrate the book launch with sparkling wine in a circle of friends and colleagues and other amazing people! I will make a short presentation with focus on new material for the third edition and there will be the opportunity to buy the book (personally signed!) at a special price:

March 29th at the Scandic Grand Central Hotel, Stockholm (4:30pm).

Please complete the sort invite form so we can estimate numbers.


What’s new in the 3rd edition?

As you may know, my aim with these books has always been to give the reader a thorough understanding of web analytics, from a practitioners point of view, using Google Analytics as the tool of choice. There are lots of details (well the book is called Advanced…!), but only when it is necessary. That is, where there is a good business opportunity/insight to be gained from it…

In 2011 alone there was a wealth of announcements from the GA Team (coolest first):

  • New user Interface, referred to as v5 (just coming out of beta)
  • Multi-Channel Funnels – this is the different referral paths visitors use to find your site and how they interact/combine (no more last click wins!)
  • Real-Time analytics – this is cool…
  • Flow & Goal Visualisation – think path analysis on steroids!
  • New Custom Report builder – more intuitive with filters (very nice!)
  • Webmaster tools integration – great SEO info
  • Social plugin – tracking “love button” engagement such as Likes, retweets, follow, share etc.
  • Site Speed reports – measure the impact of slow loading pages
  • Premium product – the paid for version of GA
  • Events & Threshold goals – events can now be defined as goals
  • New dashboard approach – widget based

All these are described in detail in the book. In addition, all code snippets have been updated for the async version of the GATC (that was introduced just after the 2nd edition came out!), and of course my writing is improving all the time – understanding what users of GA “get” easily, what requires more explanation, and what requires further examples.

 In March, I will be posting more details about the book contents

When’s it due out?

  • March 19th 2012.

How to get it

  • You can order at Amazon et al, as a hard copy (ebook and Kindle follow a few weeks behind). Or why not join me at the launch party on March 29th at the Scandic Grand Central Hotel, Stockholm @4:30pm. There will be the opportunity to buy the book (personally signed!) at a special price, meet awesome people and drink some bubbly – thanks to Search Integration AB for sponsoring of the event. Just complete the sort invite form so we can estimate numbers as we need to estimate numbers.

How can you help?

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What’s next…?

With the 3rd edition I have taken the time to revise this website. Not only to freshen up and match the new cover design, but also to practice what I preach. For example, many of the book’s screenshots and analysis examples come from this site. As such, writing the book enabled me to perform deep-dive analysis on my own performance. The result, I hope, is an improved user experience and clearer call-to-actions. If you have a mo, please pass on your thoughts on the new layout/design via the the feedback button – triangle at the bottom left on every page.