Brian Clifton speaking at Conversion Jam.
Sketch by Per Axbom @axbom

Brian CliftonBrian Clifton (PhD) is an analytics advisor, author and educator who specialises in performance optimisation using Google Analytics. Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, his book series Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, has sold more than 70,000 copies and is used by students and professionals worldwide.

As Google’s first Head of Web Analytics for Europe (2005-8), Brian built the first pan-European team of product specialists. A legacy of his work is the online learning centre for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ).

Brian is a guest lecturer at University College London (MSc, “Web Economics”) and at the Stockholm School of Economics. You can hear him speak at numerous conferences around the word – particularly in Europe where he presents on web measurement, digital marketing, content optimisation - and how these can all interlink to create a successful online business strategy. His latest book, Successful Analytics - Gain Business Insights with Google Analytics will launch Oct 2014.

Brian is currently Director of Data Innovation at Search Integration AB - a company specialising in ebusiness development for ambitious clients. For work requests, please email:
info ‘at’ search-integration ‘dot’ com.


*Pronounced “zoogler”, a Xoogler is an ex-Google employee (Googler). See also “Noogler” – new Google employee!


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Want to Hear Me Speak…?

I have the privilege of speaking at a number of excellent industry events such as eMetrics, SES, SMX, Digital Knowledge Day, and Conversion Jam. If you are at any of these, please stop by and say hello. If you would like me to speak at your event, please forward your request to. Allow at least two month’s notice period though!

Some Deeper Background about me

Brian first graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol in 1991 and then in Physical & Theoretical Chemistry for his PhD in 1996. Further work as a post-doctoral researcher cumulated in publishing several scientific papers included the journals Molecular Physics, Colloids & Surfaces and Languir. During that time he was also an olympic weightlifter, winning 6 British Championships and representing Great Britain at World and European level.

Studying science at university during the early nineties meant witnessing the incredible beginnings of the web. In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist working at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, launched the first web browser and web server, to the academic community, therefore sowing the first seeds of the world wide web.

Although the communication potential of the web was immediately clear to Brian, it took a little while for ideas to formulate around business opportunities. In 1997 he left academia and founded Omega Digital Media Ltd – a UK company specializing in professional services for organizations wishing to utilize the new digital medium.

Since leaving the field of chemical research, Brian has continued to write. Whitepapers included How Search Engine Optimisation Works (2004), Web Analytics Data Sources (2005) and Web Analytics Accuracy (2008-). As with most of his “Mosaic/Netscape” peers, Brian is also an avid writer on his own blog.

Brian holds the title of Associate Instructor at the University of British Columbia for his contribution to teaching modules in support of the “Award of Achievement in web analytics”. You can also hear him speak at numerous conferences around the word – particularly in Europe where he presents on working at Google, search marketing, web analytics, website testing and how these can all interlink to create a successful online business strategy.