If you are a self-helper, then apart from reading the book, the section Other Reading Material contains a book list from a wealth of talented people – all of which have influenced my thinking. In addition, you can tap into Google itself as well as numerous groups, forums, blog enthusiasts and a global network of official Google Analytics Certified Partners. This page is intended as a starting point for these – see below…

If you like my approach to web measurement and optimisation, you can hire me (and the team) via my company – Search Integration. We are an international consultancy that work with proactive clients wishing to change how they conduct business on the web. Note, my deliberate emphasis on change…  We are based in Sweden.

1. Workshops with Brian Clifton

Education is a key part of what my company (Search Integration) does. We specialise in one-to-one, in-house training of teams, where the focus is on building an organisation’s metrics understanding and how Google Analytics (as well as combining with other products) can be used to achieve this. I work for clients across Europe and in the US.

2. Google provided (free):

  • Analytics Academy - NEW!
    Structured learning and the individual qualification (IQ) test: Analytics Academy.
    (The GAIQ I built in 2007/8 has come a long way and is now much more integrated within Google).
  • Official Google Analytics Blog
    Google Analytics News blog where you can find latest product updates, what’s new, events, Conversion University, Help Center, and more: http://analytics.blogspot.com

3. GACP – Google Analytics Certified Partners (paid)

Official GACP logoGACP partners are independent of Google and have a proven track record in their field, providing paid-for professional services such as strategic planning, custom installation, onsite or remote training, data analysis, and consultation: www.google.com/analytics/support_partner_provided.html

4. Non-Google (free):

  • Analytics Help – Google Group
    A Google Group with a threaded message-board system. Members are any Google Analytics users (and potential new users) and Google Support staff occasionally participate: www.google.com/analytics/analyticshelp
  • Measuring Success - the official blog and companion site for the book, Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics
  • A fantastic resource for testing (and training) yourself on all things Google Analytics - and Free! http://googleanalyticstest.com

5. Useful Tools

See the following posts from me: